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Welcome to Kaltura Community Edition (KalturaCE)

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What is it all about?

KalturaCE is a self-hosted version of Kaltura's Open Source Online Video Platform.  With KaturaCE any site can gain full video and rich media functionalities including video management, searching, uploading, importing, editing, annotating, remixing and sharing.  It is intended to solve all your video-related needs, and allow you to easily create your own rich-media applications.

What can I do with KalturaCE?  Can you show me some examples?[top]

The following samples show several capabilities of the Kaltura platform, the Kaltura API and the different widgets.  The samples are included in your CE package and you can use them as templates to play with and use as a basis for your work.  Of course this is just a taste of what the platform can do, but hopefully it will help jumpstart your website development and spur you to innovate and create your own interactive video applications.

  • Player Gallery

    Test drive some of the different players that are supported by the system, both default players, players created via the Application Studio (within the Kaltura Management Console) and custom players that can be created by customizing the Kaltura Dynamic Player widget.  The players include customizable functionality such as, including buttons to upload and remix media, share, report abuse, download and more.

  • Playlist Gallery

    View and play with the different playlist widgets that are supported by the system(Flash or HTML) - Flash playlists created via the Application Studio (within the Kaltura Management Console) and custom playlists (Flash & HTML).  You can add your own content either manually or dynamically (tag based or rule based) to the playlists and choose to display multiple playlists in a single widget

  • UGC Site – content contribution & collaborative editing

    Check out a great template for a UGC-focused site that supports user content contributions, galleries of most viewed, highest rated, most popular, and more. 
    Easily tweak this site to meet your own requirements.

  • Advanced Editing

    Play around with the Kaltura Advanced Editor, including: timeline based editing, video and audio layers, library of effects, overlays and transitions, and more.  Add your own transitions, skin the editor with your look & feel and make it your own.

Can this work with my Existing CMS?[top]

Yes, Kaltura has developed several ready-made extensions for leading CMS platforms.  Each extension seamlessly integrates with the CMS platform, and provides a full video solution made specifically to fit each CMS’s code, features and terminology.

  • Drupal integration video module
    Kaltura's Drupal video module includes the full capabilities of Kaltura's platform.  The module was developed specifically for Drupal, and integrates with other features and modules, such as CCK, cron, metadata and taxonomy features.
  • WordPress integration video plugin
    Kaltura's WordPress plugin includes the full capabilities of Kaltura's platform.  It integrates seamlessly into WordPress blogs and offers a wide range of "blog-friendly" features including video comments, a "recent videos" sidebar widget and more.

How do I manage the content?[top]

Kaltura Community Edition is delivered with the full Kaltura Management Console (KMC).  It supports content and bulk upload, video and playlist management as well as content moderation, all within an intuitive user interface. You can see additional guidance regarding the KMC in the quick start guide.

How can I monitor my server?[top]

The server status section allows you to see the status of the server, including:
making sure that all processes are up and running, validating that there are no long queues for transcoding or importing services, etc.

How can I extend the functionality for my own needs?[top]

The entire code; API documentation and an API test console are available.  Using these tools, you should have everything you need to build upon the Kaltura platform.

Where do I go for help?[top]

The KalturaCE is a community-supported open source project.  The best place to get help is in our Community Forums.